Ways to get in touch!

As we enter the Spring and Summer months our phone lines become very busy. We understand that your time is very important, so we wanted to offer you a few ways to reach out! 

1. Many common questions can be answered on our FAQ page. Questions about how the application process work, do we accept pets, how to set up a showings, and how to tour are answered here.  

2. Use our contact us page to send us an email with your question.

  • Checking on an application? Email
  • Have a property that you want to rent out? Email
  • Putting in a work order? Email Karen at

3. Reach out to us on Facebook or Google to ask a quick question. 

4. Prefer to text? Send a message to 480-405-4852 and your message will be answered during normal business hours. 

5. Have further questions? Give us a call at the office at 336-272-0767! We return all voicemails as soon as possible! 


We appreciate your business and look forward to talking with you soon! 


Corona Virus Notice

Office Hours

At this time we are maintaining our normal business hours. However we are closed to all foot traffic until further notice. We are always available by phone at 336-272-0767. You can email as well. Our main email is And everyone's individual emails can be found on our 'About' tab.  If you would like to grab a listing please check our listing boxes outside of our office.



At this time we are continuing to process work orders as normal. Items that are not an emergency may take longer to complete than normal. We also ask that if a technician is in your property that you practice social distancing. You can put work orders in through your tenant portal or by emailing us at



We are currently still offering in person showings. At showings we will be practicing social distancing by staying 6 feet apart. We ask that you wear a mask and gloves if possible, and if you need to bring someone we ask that you bring one person max. As always we do shared property tours. If you feel uncomfortable walking into the home at the same time as another client, please let your showing agent know and they will let you go in one at a time. 



We are currently not accepting cash as that is found to be one of the number one contaminants of the virus. You can still pay online through your portal. If you need to drop off a payment at the office we can take money orders and cashier's checks through our dropbox located on the back door of our office.  If you have any issues with our portal please contact our office at 336-272-0767.


Payment Plans 

We understand that the coronavirus has left many people without reliable income. At this time communication is critical. Please email your payment arrangements to our tenant relations manager, Karen Too-A-Foo, at, as soon as possible to set up payment arrangements so that we can keep your property owner up to date. 


Home Maintenance

As important as it is for you to wash your hands, it is also critical to disinfect and clean your home, especially if you have people coming and going. Things like door knobs and counters can hold germs for several days. Also please remember to only put toilet paper in your toilets. Paper towels and napkins and other paper products are very harmful to your home's plumbing. 



As things are changing we will continue to post updates to our website and Facebook pages. We ask that everyone take precautions at this time to keep everyone safe and healthy. Remember we are always here to help you as best we can. Don't forget to wash your hands and practice social distancing! 

Thank you,

The Rent-A-Home Staff




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