We offer two different services to prospective clients.  Read below to see which program is right for you!


Marketing Program

Geared for a “hands-on” owner, Rent-A-Home’s marketing program is unique to the Triad market. Unlike other property management companies, Rent-A-Home provides owners the flexibility to manage their property after it’s rented. In this program, the owner handles rent collection, maintenance requests, and all other aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship.

Rent-A-Home’s Marketing Program Includes:

  1. Advertising your property through Rent-A-Home’s website, as well as Craigslist, Zillow, and other property listing services.
  2. Placing a “For Lease” sign in your yard (if applicable).
  3. Professional showing of the property to prospective tenants.
  4. Processing applications for prospective tenants by running credit, criminal, rental reference checks as well as income verification.
  5. Completion of a North Carolina Residential Rental Contract.
  6. Collection of the security deposit and first month’s rent.

Fee: Our fee for this service is equal to one month's rent.  This is paid at the time the property is leased, no upfront cost is required.


Management Program

Rent-A-Home provides professional property management services across the Triad area. For newcomers to property management, or those wondering about Rent-A-Home’s specific services, please click here.

In addition to the services listed above, Rent-A-Home’s Property Management Program Includes: 

  1. Digital documentation of the condition of the property during tenant move-in and move-outs.
  2. Collection of monthly rent.
  3. Handling maintenance requests.
  4. Eviction services.
  5. General management of the property.
  6. Property Inspections (nominal fee).

Fee: For this service we charge a fee equal to one half of one month’s rent, then 10% of the monthly rent each month the property is being managed.


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