Rental Application Process and Terms


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Terms of the Rent-A-Home Rental Application

  1. Rent-A-Home acts as the Property Owner or Landlord's agent.
  2. Rent-A-Home conducts business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.
  3. It is our policy to show properties to more than one party at a time.  They are Shared Property Tours.
  4. There is an application fee of per applicant, including applications submitted by a co-signer.  The application fee is non-refundable.  This fee covers processing each applicant's Credit, Criminal and Rental history.  It is a one-time fee good for 60-days.  With your application fee, you may apply for one or more Available Properties.  
  5. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval for a property. After an application is processed, the applications are reviewed by the actual Property Owner of the various properties.  The Property Owner approves or denies the applications for their property.  Rent-A-Home is not the Property Owner.  Approval by one Property Owner does not imply approval for a different Available Property.
  6. An applicant can be denied approval for an Available Property due to rude or abusive behavior towards a Rent-A-Home employee or a Property Owner.
  7. Available Properties will continue to be shown to new applicants and applications processed until a formal lease has been signed by a tenant and Rent-A-Home.  Approval for an Available Property is not guaranteed until the lease is signed by both parties and a Security Deposit has been received.
  8. All payments due prior to Move-In (Security Deposits, Pet Deposits, Pro-Rated Rent & 1st Month Rent) must be paid in Certified Funds only (Cash, Certified Cashier's Check or Money Order).
  9. A tenant cannot be given keys to a property prior to: a.) the Start Date of Lease listed in the lease, b.) all tenants and/or co-signer's have signed the lease and c.) all Security Deposits, including applicable Pet Deposits, Pro-Rated Rent and 1st Month's Rent have been paid in full.
  10. If an Available Property notes that it allows Cats, Small Dogs Only or Dogs, the Pet Deposit will vary per Property.  The Pet Deposit is determined by the Property Owner and can depend on type and number of pets and merit of the application.  No aggressive breed pets are allowed in any property.
  11. Our receipt of an application is consent only to receive the application.  Rent-A-Home is not bound to process the application nor generate and sign a proposed lease agreement.
  12. A signed Rental Application Agreement must accompany each application submitted.
  13. Rent-A-Home may disclose all information included on the Rental Application and Background Information (Credit, Criminal, Rental and Work history) with the Property Owner of the applied for property or properties.
  14. Rent-A-Home charges $15/mo. as a resident administration fee in addition to monthly rent. This fee is due at the same time as rent and is assessed to offset ever increasing expenses in customer service, resident online portal access and handling of maintenance issues.


When an Application is turned in, all Applicants must agree to:

A. Be prepared to pay the full Security Deposit when the Application is a Approved for a Property.

B. Acknowledge that each Applicant has seen the Exterior and Interior of the Property in person - not online.

C. Understand that Rent-A-Home will make a copy of each Applicants Driver's License.


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